Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Refinery Service 7/26/09

Opening Songs:
Everything Glorious
Our Love Is Loud
All My Praise

The falacy of "It Must Be God's Will"
Mike Gianopulos

Closing Song:
How He Loves Us

Monday, July 20, 2009

Refinery Service 7/19/09

This week was again a bit different than normal. Mike G. was off with the youth on a campout/bike trip. In his absence, we were incredibly blessed to hear from another one of our own this week - Tim Dumont. We were also blessed to have Aaron Reel lead the Refinery Worship Band and the congregation in musical worship this week.

Opening Songs:
Blessed Be Your Name
If We Are The Body
By His Wounds

The falacy of "Forgive and Forget"
By: Tim Dumont

Closing Songs:
We Will Sing Sing Sing
Your Grace Is Enough

Monday, July 13, 2009

Refinery Service 7/12/09

Opening Songs:
True Love
All Because Of Jesus
Grace And Love

We were blessed to have one of our new members, Jaret, give the sermon this week. The sermon was about the falacy that "God helps those who help themselves" and showing how wrong and unbiblical this idea really is.

Closing Song:
How He Loves Us
(The first 2 minutes are an explanation of how John Mark McMillan came to write this incredible song)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Refinery Service 7/5/09

Opening Songs:
You Never Let Go
Nothing More
Deliver Me

Mike Gianopulos

Closing Songs:
Holy Is The Lord

Refinery Service 6/28/09

Sorry for the lack of a sermon this week. I'm very sad to say that the Mike G's microphone wasn't working and so the sermon wasn't able to be picked up by the recording. This is really too bad because this sermon was incredible. Mike spoke a bit about the mission trip the youth had just returned from and all that God did in their lives. It was a powerful and moving message and I wish you all would have had the opportunity to hear it. In any event, the music from the week is linked below.

My Brightness-Mighty To Save
(these 2 songs ran into one another so they are on one file)

The Heart Of Worship

(Again, I wish you could have heard the sermon because this song went so perfectly with the spirit that the youth brought back to us from their trip.)