Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sermon Player

Hey Everyone,
We are one step closer to getting the recordings up on the site. Please use the player below to access the music and sermon from this week. This will be the new delivery method for the sermons and songs from this point forward. This new method will allow you to subscribe to the recordings as a podcast. Also, the player allows you to easily download the mp3s to your computer for transfer to your favorite portable player. After this initial test run on this site, we will transfer this player over to the site in order to consolidate everything.

Thanks everyone for listening.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Refinery Service 4/11/10

We had technical issues again this week and so we are unable to upload the music from the worship time. However, we were blessed to have Beth Gianopulos speak this week and were able to get her sermon up. We are missing the first minute or so, but the majority of the sermon is here. Enjoy.

Changing Our Paths
Beth Gianopulos

Refinery Service 4/4/10

Opening Songs:
Love Is Here
True Love
God With Us

Easter Sermon
Mike Gianopulos

Closing Songs:
Fields Of Grace